eFirstBank Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use eFirstBank Login:

1. Enter the following in your browser's URL:


2. Locate the Log in panel.

3. Enter your User ID in the corresponding text box.

4. Enter your Password in the corresponding text box.

5. Click Log In to complete.



Difficult to login? Follow these guide steps to reset your Password:

1. Click Forgot your password? link.

2. Answer the required text fields.

3. Click Next to proceed.

4. Follow onscreen instructions to finalize the process.


Still difficult to login? You may now contact eFirstBank directly to help you with your eFirstBank Login concerns.


800-964-3444 (Toll Free)

303-237-5000 (Metro Denver)





Add this page on your bookmarks for easy access. It has relevant informtation about the eFirstBank Login process that you can check for clarity and might be able to answer your inquiries in the future.